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America’s Black Fascism Reaches Princeton

Black Lives Matter fascists have been making noisy news these days. They invade our leftwing university institutions of propaganda to intimidate and threaten the very folks who have created the scenarios for these mobs in the first place as part of their own political drive to rid America of all conservative opposition to collegiate neoMarxist scholastic and climate-change movements throughout the country from coast to coast.

Among the many campuses already invaded arrives Princeton for a second round.

Please read the following article by Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine about the invasions:


“This week, talking with a fellow Dartmouth alum about how the College’s president Phil Hanlon might respond to the grossly abusive behavior of African-American students in Baker Library, I quipped “Hanlon will feel that he can’t discipline anyone so instead he’ll probably spend $5 million on some diversity initiative.”

My point was that the objective of college presidents like Hanlon who face angry Black students with no sense of decency or regard for academic freedom is not to protect academic freedom or maintain standards of decency on campus. Nor, for that matter, do they appear genuinely interested in dealing with the causes of Black alienation on campus. Their objective is appeasement — to put a temporary end to the disruption as cheaply as possible.

We don’t yet know how cheaply Hanlon will be able to extricate Dartmouth from its current racial turmoil. But Princeton president Christopher Eisgruber seems, from his perspective, to have extricated Princeton quite cheaply for the moment. Princeton, though, may well pay a substantial price in the end.

Eisgruber, you may recall, was faced with the occupation of his office by Black student protesters. They presented him with a declaration calling for various measures, which they demanded he sign.”

There’s more:



Could it be possible that the majority of today’s voting Hillary Democrats still don’t know what is causing terror in so much of our  world, whether  among its less uncivilized and among its warring Islamist savages?

Do two percent of our Black Lives Matter scavenging Democrats screaming “Death to Police”  know what Sudan or Mecca are?   Do they know anything about Nazism?   If so, did Nazism have nothing to do with Germany’s invasion into Poland in 1939 or its death camp housing arrangements for Jews throughout the Second World War?

Do even ten percent of the Democrat Party voters under the age 50 know anything about World War II, the Korean War, or Obama’s Secretary of State, John F. Kerry’s traitorous activities  during the Vietnam War?

Do even two percent of them know that our bosom Islamic American ally, Saudi Arabia,  is among the most savage of  all racist  nations of the world if human females of any age, shapes, sizes, or colors,  and any members of religions  other than Islam were considered RACES?

Do Obama’s black savage raiders of the college library at Dartmouth College know where Europe is?

Would America’s Islamophile president, Barack Hussein Obama, be so cozy to all things Muslim and critical of  all things traditional  American, such as his obvious  disdain toward America’s  JudeoChristianity  while threatening  every phase of freedom expressing current  American life if his name were Harry S. Truman?


Hillary Clinton and Team Obama like to pretend that the terrorism perpetrated throughout the world by Muslims has nothing to do with Islam. Maybe they should tell this to the families of those killed today at the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako, Mali.

According to reports, the terrorists took a large number of hostages, but then released those (reportedly around 20 in number) who could recite a verse from the Koran. That’s what I call a religious test.

On the rare occasions when folks of the “nothing to do with Islam” persuasion argue, rather than mindlessly assert, this position, they may say that terrorists kill Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The killing is said to be indiscriminate in terms of religion, and therefore not related to Islam.

The argument is a non-sequitur. If the killing is conducted by Muslims and is inspired by the teachings of their faith, it obviously has something to do with Islam.

Nor is killing “indiscriminate” when Muslims die collaterally in attacks on Western secular targets like night clubs. And killing is not “indiscriminate” or unrelated to Islam if terrorists target Muslims who are seen as standing in the way of their Islam-based goals.

In any case, if reports are true, it’s beyond dispute that the killings in Mali weren’t religiously indiscriminate under any theory. The terrorists exempted those who could show they are observant Muslims.

Even before today, Hillary was vulnerable for saying that “Muslims. . .have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.” After today, she should be hammered for uttering such nonsense.”