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    • "The left is far more interested in gaining power than in creating wealth."
    • "Without wisdom, goodness is worthless."
    • "I prefer clarity to agreement."
    • "First tell the truth, then state your opinion."
    • "Being on the Left means never having to say you're sorry."
    • "If you don't fight evil, you fight gobal warming."
    • "There are things that are so dumb, you have to learn them."
  • Liberalism’s Seven Deadly Sins

    • Sexism
    • Intolerance
    • Xenophobia
    • Racism
    • Islamophobia
    • Bigotry
    • Homophobia

    A liberal need only accuse you of one of the above in order to end all discussion and excuse himself from further elucidation of his position.

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A View of Dennis Prager’s Obamaland 7 Years Ago

The following article appeared at this site on March 16, 2010.


“I have known Dennis Prager (via radio) now for five and a half years.  Summing up the time I have spent in mental conversation with him, listening to his theses, assumptions, interpretations and conclusions and his conversations with folks he interviews, I have spent more time in his “presence’  than with anyone outside my  immediate family and the handful of compatriots with whom I work.

I know nothing about the private Dennis….and don’t wish to.  What Dennis envisions about America, I envision.  What Dennis fears about America’s future are my fears.

Dennis’ attitudes and experiences with academic America are my attitudes and experiences.  I have taught.    Dennis has taught.   How Dennis interprets, Glenn has interpreted and had done so years before there was any Dennis to “talk to” in his life.   Dennis  thoughts were isolated within my own thinking.

Back in those days when Dennis was at Columbia University, a student  enduring  the attacks from the “fascist left”  (Dennis’ own words) disrupting his classes, defacing the school, and shutting it down in the name of druggies  for love, more drugs and the righteousness to  “Hate America,”  I watched the same insanity  every evening on television alone, a Democrat, married with children.

Dennis Prager declares the first Republican he ever voted for was in November, 1980.    I had never failed to vote for a Democrat  until November, 1980….for the same candidate, Ronald Reagan…..although I voted for him as a Democrat…..the final end of my line with  that party affiliation.

Dennis taught himself Russian.  I majored in Russian, was taught the language by Czarist aristocrats who unbeknownst to me, made me pronounce my Russian at the level of the ‘Queen’s English.’   Dennis possesses a quaint Brooklyn Jewish accent when he says, “dobroe ytro….kak dela?’.

I earned a graduate degree in “Soviet Studies” and spent much of the summer of 1966 in the good old USSR.  Dennis, too, has a post graduate degree, I think from Columbia, from the School of International Relations there.  Dennis likes to travel, likes people, talks to people often about cultural matters while traeling, just as I used to  do.

Dennis likes hockey.  Some of my best times in life  have revolved around hockey.

Dennis,  during the opening moments of his radio program  on that Wednesday after the November Tuesday when the vapid, (Dennis’ words) very vapid John F. Kerry was defeated by President George W. Bush broke into tears….mumbling…..unable to speak, choking up , failing in his attempt to maintain his reserve.

I wept the night before when at midnight, my son Christian, disturbed my sleeping pill by waking me up, per instruction, if G.W. had won Ohio.    I was certain vapid man was going to  win.  But, Chris had jumped in joy too soon….George was only leading in Ohio, and  the vote was narrowing.

I believe, as does Dennis, that America is in deep trouble as America.  We never have had a foreign president running the country as we have in Obama.   Foreign in experience of life and family,  president Obama is nevertheless, simply the inevitable result of  a new religion sweeping the nation’s universities and schools, Marxism.  The man shows no romance, no love, no tears, no honest and sincere feeling about America.  He ran to “Change America”.

He was trained to be a Marxist, and accepted the cloak willingly.

But  Dennis Prager refuses to use this “M” word for the “Marxists” Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Ayers, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, and Harry Reid the Lefties they  truly are.    Does he  allow  the Left to determine his vocabulary.  Why?

Dennis admits there are nearly no Liberals left in the Democrat Party.  They have been purged or forced into compliance and silence….only the “Left” exists, as he likes to say.  That “Left” as he likes to say, are Marxists, but he cannot utter the word.  Why?

The bigger the government…the smaller the citizen!  What a wonderful Prager truism….but how big must government get before it achieves the noun “Marxism” from Dennis’ lips?

“Our country is becoming  more Marxist”.   That is as true a statement as any.   Dennis cannot deny its truth.  “Our country is becoming Marxist”…..yes, that is true as well, but, Dennis could say ala parsing Bill Clinton, it depends on what you mean by “Marxist”…….but Dennis wouldn’t parse.  Here is a typical Dennis explanation….regarding lying….as in “telling a lie”….or “being a liar”.

Dennis has explained often that a lie is not  a lie, if the person telling the lie does not believe it to be a lie.

That tricky scenario does occur in life, but it rarely occurs in politics, the world in which Dennis so often excuses liars for lying.   He prefers  them to be people who are unaware of their lying….even though they are paid to know the difference between lies and unlies.   Weren’t they elected to help lead the country?

Dennis is simply not combative on radio.   He may be in private, but he is not on radio.  He was a terrible wuss during a full hour radio show  interview with Henry Waxman, a sharp Marxist Democrat from California.  Dennis showed respect for this weasel no matter the size of  lies and distortions he repeated, one of the  most devious-tounged Lefties  in the House of Representatives.  Certainly Dennis  should not name-call using the word Marxist…..but use it often when appropriate.

What does Marxism entail?

Government ownership of major industries, including those of finance and auto production.  Government micromanagement of citizen lives.  Punishment meted out to those who use  more water than allotted by bureacrat design……rural agricultural schools must have the proper number of lesbians on teaching staffs…..living space must be limited so everyone shares the same size domestic experience…..rearing children will be rationed as will be the number of people allowed to be older  than sixty years old…..rearing or marrying dogs or cats are substitutes for children or husbands for equality standards…….all decided  by Lefty bureaucrats……..car ownership limited to government enterprises…….everything will be micromanaged to pretend equality.   Eventually only Marxists will have “spending money.”  For others money will be made equal.

President Obama is a Marxist because he is selling Marxism.  He advocates government micromanagement of personal life.  He opposes private enterprise and prizes depriving people of wealth reforming  them as drones, naked and impotent  before his bureas of Washington management and in the future, their henchmen by  the tens of millions to oversee religiously dedicated “government” dictating  equality of health care passed March 2010…….the first  major Marxist victory over the diminishing citizen   in American history.

Marxism is the religion of government forced equality.  The high priests of the religion come from academia who “know” they know best the ways of human behavior.   They have been trained to pass written tests and deserve  the riches that come from such superior experience and great expectation.   Obama comes from this class.

Since no one is born equal, nor can learn equally, cannot  live life equally and die equally,  equality must be forced on the people according to  Marxist religious tenets.  Some Marxists, those who govern,  will inevitably be made more equal that others.  That is the law of the jungle, Marxism or no Marxism.

Think of the billions of dollars that will be earned through the boundless possibilities for   bribery!   How much will be paid under the table to buy the Commissar of Aging, to allow your mother to live past 60?…….Who will have the “luxury” of a sex change or a hip replacement except through payoffs?   Bureaucrats usually crave Marxism as a religion.  It increases their profit margin.

Dennis prefers to be liked.  He has a radio show…..is a teacher more than an entertainer.  He is cautious by nature, doesn’t want to be thought of as a crank, which the Marxists would certainly quickly jump on…….Dennis has a personna that helps him succeed  winning over listeners who might not  show up if he uses the word “Marxist” even where it should be used.

Perhaps Dennis thinks that president Obama doesn’t yet know he is a Marxist!   Although he preaches Marxism, advances Marxism by stealth and wealth,   hires Marxists, befriends Marxists, avoids criticisms of Marxists, because he doesn’t know he is  a Marxist, why shouldn’t he  still be identified as he is….a Marxist?

Only in America!”

(The above was printed at this site on March 16, 2010.  May God continue to Bless Dennis, and therefore the cause for  freedom in America,  in the future as well as he has in the past.)

Truth: Dems Wanted Comey Fired….Until Trump Fired Him!

President Trump Tweets Video Montage Of Democrats Bashing Comey: #DrainTheSwamp


David French on “Liberalizing”…the Way to Dusty Christian Death

Comment on the following article by David French regarding making folks feel  at home or play when attending Christian Church religious services.

I admit I am a devoted JudeoChristian regarding thought, word, and deed.  However, I am unChurched….and have been for 60 years or more…..a person who loved the beauty and word of Sunday Church services as a child and young man.

I also loved and do still love the beautiful language and its messages in the King James Bible.

Two years ago Christmas Day I attended my first Christmas Day service in more than 60 years, hoping, “praying”,  the music and spirit and  joy of the day, reviewing the miracle  of birth and life  and struggle for goodness that was indoctrinated so profoundly  unto me from all fronts as a boy and teenager,  would return in spirit.

Fewer than half of the several hundred parish visitors that morning were able to sing the hymn, “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing” to open the service.   Within five minutes of some words of welcome, a subordinate pastor invited the audience to stand and sing along, “Happy Birthday Jesus”.

I left immediately, but very quietly.

I have in the past 40 years however attended two Christian services unmatched in language, unmatched  in  beauty for  eye and ear and imagination of the mind, chants from its  priests, its  choir, its ancient mysticism, its fragrance all causing  inspiration and wonder, feeling you are in touch with the countless yesterdays of a thousand years of worship and 75 years  Socialist-Communist evil.

Both were Russian Orthodox….one in New York City at Manhattan’s St. Nicholas Cathedral, and the other on a Sunday in  October, 1990 in Kiev  where in attendance I saw thousands upon thousands of Ukrainians, defying their Communist dictators,  lined up for blocks, holding their  lit candles, awaiting their turn to enter God’s house for blessings and God’s spirit.   No one spoke a word while waiting.

Liberals can be as dangerous to liberty as Leftists.   Please read the following article by David French sent by Mark Waldeland:


Ben Stein: We’re Losing the Freedom Our Fathers Fought For


by Ben Stein   at The American Spectator:

“Night after night, I stay up late watching documentaries about World War II. I’m obsessed with it. Not surprising, since it was the biggest event in the history of the human race. My father was in the Navy during the war, though to this day, I am not sure what he did. My father-in-law served in combat under Patton and was awarded the Silver Star for combat gallantry, before he was 22 years old, fighting hand to hand against the toughest of the tough, Hitler’s S.S., near Zeitlen.

The documentary I am watching right now is The War by Ken Burns. It came out ten years ago or so. I love every part of it. What I love most, though, is the portrayal of a nation totally united behind the goal of securing freedom and defending the Constitution. From every hill and hollow, every tenement and mansion, men and women fought, sacrificed, worked to defeat the incredibly powerful Nazis and Japanese. The pain and struggle that the men, women, and children of this nation went through to preserve our freedoms was literally fantastic.

I watch the men dying in Italian valleys, shot out of the sky above Schweinfurt, and tortured in Japanese prison camps, and I go to sleep deeply saddened. These wonderful people bled and died and cried for our freedom — and now we are throwing it away with both hands at what should be the bastions of freedom — the universities.

The nation’s universities have become no-go zones for people who do not hew to the one-party, anti-American, anti-police, anti-business attitudes of the violent brownshirts. Quiet, scholarly geniuses like Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald — who dare to suggest that Americans should work for a living, who speak out in defense of the police — are shouted down, shoved, sometimes assaulted, and chased from campuses under guard. Ann Coulter — a long-time friend, staggeringly intelligent and amusing — is not permitted to speak at a University of California, Berkeley, campus, because she makes such witty, shining defenses of our great nation. This is a taxpayer-funded campus.

There’s an atmosphere of terror on campuses across the country. My beloved law school alma mater, mighty Yale, shamed itself recently by blackballing faculty who wanted to keep a sense of humor on the campus.

The formula is simple. Get a few nonwhite students to label a potential speaker a racist, whether or not there is the slightest evidence he or she is. Then bring in the looney left faculty, then bring in the women with fake charges of sexism, and soon you have a mighty avalanche against the speaker. The fascists call themselves anti-fascists, of course. But anyone with eyes and ears can see and hear who’s burning the books.

As far as I know, neither Hitler nor the Japanese ever planned to invade America. Certainly Vietnam didn’t. North Korea is a menace, but a poverty-stricken nation of 22 million is not going to subjugate us and take away our freedom……”   Please read on below:


Getting to Know the Outdoors Better

The Landscape Garden

“The garden has long been perceived as the highest, most perfect form of all art creations, the one closest to God and bearing the imagery of paradise itself. Indeed, the timeless quote, “One is closest to God in the garden,” has been the splendid pleasure driving countless generations to transform the land into garden. No matter how pleasurable, how physically and spiritually rewarding working the vegetable garden and nurturing the home orchard may be, however, the paradise of gardening is the creation and maintenance of a landscape garden. This is the garden of art, the garden of soul. A landscape garden is a plot of ground made beautiful by the arrangement and careful cultivation of plants. The art is called landscape gardening and its artist and cultivator a landscape gardener. Landscaping one’s home ground is the means by which most Minnesotans become acquainted with at least the fringes of the art of landscape gardening. When they dream of home it is a house in a setting, a setting of lovely trees and shrubs civilized with a carpet of lawn and an arrangement of beautiful flowers.

Landscape gardening is primarily a visual art form. Its beauty is first to be seen, but its purpose is to stimulate thought, to cause to dream, to effect memory, to inspire. The landscape garden is classically to be a place of quiet where the visitor, upon entering, finds a closer communion with the thoughts and feelings of all who have ever gardened this Earth than with the time and troubles of the day.

Although picturesque, the landscape garden is not a painting, it is a performance. Its artist is not a painter but a choreographer arranging not fixed colors and forms on a canvas, but directing exits and entrances of living members of Earth’s realm, plants bearing color and form, lines and textures which, especially in our northland, are constantly changing. Yesterday’s garden as yesterday’s ballet will never again be performed. Yet the skilled landscaper garden artist, by tailoring shrubs and trees to a particular style or by using annual flowers for sweeps of color, can slow change in the garden to give the impression of permanence.

The landscape garden is to be entered, as one enters a cathedral or library. In English literature one “retires” to or “withdraws” into the library, presumably to consult or escape with some thought, some dream, some memory, some inspiration in print. To aid withdrawal there must be border. The gardened place must be defined so the eye and mind cannot wander; so thoughts and dreams cannot be interrupted. With no borders the landscape garden is no garden at all, but a field.

The arrangement of plants is to the landscape gardener what the arrangement of chords is to the pianist. Although it is possible for a novice pianist to find a pleasing chord, one chord does not make a composition. Likewise, a novice gardener may plant a pleasing combination of flowers and shrubbery, but a landscape garden this does not make. “Composers” of the successful landscape garden know their plants. They know plants’ shapes and sizes and how these can be tailored to style. They know plant colors and textures and when and how they change. Garden artists know the sun and shadow of the garden and how to introduce or exclude either. They know plant preferences for shade, soil, and moisture. They gain their knowledge primarily from the experience of working with plants, from years of planting and replacing until the right combination suits the eye.

Not only must the successful landscape garden be designed and planted, it must be given time to mature. Gardens, like people, gain character with age. It may take years, decades before a landscape garden performs its best. Trees cannot yet be manufactured. And the garden must be groomed, regularly tended by caring, experienced hands, the hands of an artist, the hands of a worker. And even when all this is done well, what is achieved is an arrangement of living plants each and all subject to Nature’s mood and dictate, to stand or fall as Nature sees fit. A garden as planned is a garden never achieved.”

Recently, American hero, Dennis Prager, while listing a number of devotions occupying his time, admitted that he wasn’t into “the Garden”.  Yet, he is a very religious man, devoted to the Books of Moses.

The human soul has limited time to practice God’s  devotions in one lifetime.   Dennis Prager is urban, New York City tar and pavement whose parents were neither dependent upon, nor inspired by the power and beauty of vegetative seeds….seeds upon which the human animal of all sexes, shapes, colors, and sizes relies on for food, protection, inspiration,  and exquisite beauty.

The beautiful landscape garden in its finest forms, inspires the human soul, imagination, and devotion to the power of visual living matter.

There is not much time in our  human life’s calendar to do all things good and inspiring arising from ones soul……

I am a regular Dennis Prager fan and have been for more than a decade.  Being a Brooklyner, perhaps he is too urban, perhaps too urbane as well, to recognize the value of gardening the human soul with God’s Biblical  Truth and Beauty of   mind  and  behavior arises from the Garden of Eden…..and the touch and feel, that ONE IS CLOSEST TO GOD IN THE GARDEN.

Think of all the flowers, shrubs, and trees of the human  mind you are tending every day you share your sermons whether political, social, or religious.



If this were the age of Orwell’s “1984”, I’d already be dead.  The above headline to this writing would be enough evidence that I am living outside of the world of those worth living…..my days would be numbered…..as they would have been twenty years ago….forty years ago as well as today.  I DARED TO UTTER A REMARK, no matter how true,  UNFAVORABLE TO AMERICA’S LEFT WING JEWISH ENTERPRISE.

I was raised in a very modest section of once very Jewish Highland Park in St. Paul over eighty years ago.  My schooling, K through 8th grade and on through  high school, the stream to which I was channeled, was based on learning knowledge.  It was in this milieu of human animals of similar age as I, that became so profoundly interested in seeking answers to the mysteries of Life and the World around me.

Like my parents, I liked people, and I loved being alone where I could think,  live, and explore as I liked.  I’ve discovered now in my 80s, that I have never changed for that is what I was taught in school to do.

I couldn’t read, however.   Dyslexia hadn’t been invented then.   Memory, the visual kind united with my natural male sense of curiosity, allowed me to join, remain, and occasionally star among the intellectually gifted or driven.

My dad was a North Dakota farm boy.   My Mother graduated school at age 13, from eighth grade to conquer her world starting as a cashier at Friedman’s Super Market in downtown St. Paul in the 1920s.    They met competing in ball room dancing in the mid 1920s.   They adored each other, so I was lucky on this account.

Roman Catholics ruled our neighborhood.   I was raised Lutheran…my Mother’s choice of church….It was a more strict synod, but driven to be modern in teaching and preaching.  The only minority in the neighborhood was Jewish….During the war there were only two families of twenty four on our street who were Jewish.

Although they were always invited to our major neighborhood gatherings, one in Spring, the other in Autumn, they never participated….and one family never bothered to speak to anyone even those living next door.

I began kindergarten at Horace Mann School in 1939 a couple years after it had been built.  It was located toward a wealthier, much wealthier neighborhood than mine.   Pistners, Goldbergs, Greenbergs, Bernsteins and such lived there….They attended Hebrew School every Tuesday afternoon, cutting regular school hours a bit those days.

These were war years.  It was then I learned nationalities based on names, given or family.   I learned Luigi wasn’t Norwegian, and Johnson  was not Jewish.   I also learned my geography very well.  I was born curious regarding these matters.

I am not fond of Michael Medved boasting about himself as a major reason for  his radio show.  Years ago I guessed he was Jewish.   He follows the Dennis Prager show  five days a week here in the Twin Cities. Until two years ago, I tolerated his braggings about how clever his behavior  and  thinking were.  He’s shallow even as he sells ideas.   He claims to be a conservative, but sells himself instead  as his cause on radio.

Today’s Medved performance was selling Professor at American University, Allan Lichtman….both Allan and Lichtman are usually Jewish names when put together, my life’s experience has taught me.    Michael was interviewing Lichtman, selling Professor Lichtman’s book, ‘THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT’…..referring to an inevitable, perhaps even immediate impeachment of the 45th American President…..via the “Russian” affair.

Mr. Medved has never liked Our Donald.

Throughout my lifetime, about 70% of the American Jewish population is leftist, including for years a large number active in  the American Communist Party movement….anything anti-Christian, the farther the better.   Achievement in school was almost universally a requirement.   At Horace Mann I remember being shocked when in fifth grade I saw cheating during school tests.  Even girls!  They were all Jewish.   Achievement…. success was vital, in this community, I learned from observation…..and through friendships among the more conservative Jews of those days, the ones who were so much more like Dennis Prager.

In my family school grades were incidental.  It was behavior in the presence of God that mattered.   We were, after all, Christians, where behavior was far more valued than making money or a name for ones self.

Telling, selling  untruths was, is, evil….Michael Medved!

Status in life was not important.  Status within God and family were……I was told by the Christian fellowship of that day!

I was born curious.   I had amassed over 700 quarter credits of college undergraduate and graduate learnings in my lifetime…..Anthropology, Astronomy,  Biochemistry, Geomorphology, Russian, Finnish, Chinese, German, Soil Chemistry, American History,  History of the Soviet Union, for starters.  One could in those days at $75 or so PER QUARTER.

I also learned that where Jews lived in Christian Europe over the past thousand years or so, they were usually not allowed to own land.    Christians in many areas were not allowed to loan money.   I also had to read, to learn Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice for its message and incredible beauty of words and the story of Shylock demanding his pound of flesh.

I also had to learn things Beethoven, Verdi, and Puccini……

I am religiously supposed to forgive these pretender Michael Medveds of our world.   I’ll keep trying. I know he has some qualities.    Perhaps if I last through my 87th birthday I shall.   In the mean time, in between time, I have my gifted, blessed American,  Dennis Prager  to listen to, who has but once let me down…. when he failed to invite the  Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, to his radio show during the 2016 Campaign.

Walter Williams Exposes Campus Infants Collecting and “Graduating” Infants

How many times over the years could believing conservatives hug Walter Williams?

Evil has arrived at the United States of America’s campuses from coast to coast.  Feminists preaching feelings  have become a national disorder, a serious disease at university, college, and school.  Teaching feelings instead of and claimed superior to knowledge is a Nazi and  a Soviet concept to create any single authority  in which the state religion is to measure and install intolerance according to the mood of the day’s emperor……a Barack Hussein Obama concept relying upon feminists, black racists, and illegal immigrants to lead and  supply his  “more equal” condition of life.

Walter Williams must be around my age….in his 80s.  I have been aware of him for some time from his writings, but I know little of his cultural background.   He speaks words from the minds of many souls of my generation……when American society was so much more civil, soul rich, and Godfearing than it is today.

Personal friend and former teacher colleague, Mark Waldeland, sent the following article starring WALTER WILLIAMS regarding the collapse of learnings in the American schoolings which used to be named “institutions of higher learning”: